Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Weekly Wednesday Top 10

Liz has worked incredibly hard to be where she is as a physician. Her first residency is coming to a close this June, and even though she will be little removed from a c-section, we will be making an end-all, be-all trip to celebrate her accomplishments.

This is our top 10 destinations for this coming Spring.

10. Bethel, Maine- It is going to be gorgeous there in late May! It is a crisp and cool New England town located very near Nanatook Lake. It's an inexpensive option to stay there in a lake house, or a beautiful bed & breakfast in town.

9. St. Andrews, Scotland- Not for anything golf related, we would love to visit this seaside village in eastern Scotland. It would be a nice trip to the mother country, and there's lots of shopping for Liz and lots of maritime activities for both of us.

8. Jackson Hole, Wyoming- 'Legends of The Fall' did a wonderful job romanticizing this area of the country. There are lots of wilderness lodges there that provide luxury accommodations for Liz, and great hunting for me.

7. Xi'an, China- This is where the terracotta soldiers are located, and there is a festival in late May that would make the trip worthwhile.

6. Nusa Dua, Bali- Great hotels, great shopping, and some of the best scuba diving in the world. Liz would love that.

5. The Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada- I know it sounds crazy, but a trip to Las Vegas might be just what the doctor ordered. It's more expensive, but you can relax, and the "Empress" package is non-stop pampering for 6 days for Liz.

4. Easter Island, Chile- It would be a very nice and relaxing time, with some nice tourist anthropological draws. They have a five diamond resort there on one of the many beautiful South Pacific beaches, which feature on-water bungalows, paddle-up transportation, and private dock-side breakfasts.

The resort also does lots of pampering for Liz, but it's on the expensive end.

3. A Mediterranean Cruise- Liz and I went on our first cruise last November, and loved it. The boat is as social, or as private as you make it, and there's lots of things to do and see when in port. The only problem with that is the travel is paper thin in depth.

If we're going to be in Europe, I have a feeling Liz will want to explore everything, and 6 hours onshore will not be her cup of tea. I'll let her decide though, as the scenery from the deck will be gorgeous, and we can even take in an extra travel day before or after the cruise is done.

2. Torino, Italy- Everyone who watched the 2006 Winter games knows how beautiful this town is. I know Liz will want to travel all over the place if we go to Italy, but we'll see what she thinks about a Torino vacation.

1. Casapueblo, Uruguay- We saw this hotel on the travel channel, and fell in love with it. It is a gorgeous white stone structure built right in to the rock face at Punta Del Esta on the Uruguaian coast.

It is owned by a renowned painter, and I have the feeling Liz would enjoy this spot immensley. It is surprisingly inexpensive too.


Alan Gable said...

I can't believe beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas didn't make the list.

I vote for Chile.

Donald TAFT Ayers said...

Don't count out #7. Did mission work there in the Spring of '02...excellent!!

...or should I say...tie bahng luh