Thursday, December 6, 2007

Factious Thursdays?

There was an exchange this weekend on the Memphis Commercial Appeal website under an article on the "Memphis Mitchell-David Lipscomb" Semi-Final match up last Friday.

The Headline in Memphis:

Mitchell Cries Foul After Controversial Move By Officials in the Final Seconds

Allegedly, the "controversial" move by the referee was picking up the ball to re-spot it as the final seconds ticked off the clock. It caused an uproar that ended in some post-game "extracurriculars" on the field with some Mitchell players assaulting Lipscomb starters, and spilled-over into the parking lot where threats were made by Mitchell fans who displayed weapons to add validity to their posturing. Because of that, the Memphis Police Department and State Troopers had to be called-out to J.P. Freeman Field to secure the premises, protect the Lipscomb bus, and escort the DL caravan to I-40 (Those are some facts conspicuously left out of the column).

Additionally, the ending of the article in the Tennessean is different than the Appeal's. You be the judge if the editing in the two papers makes a difference on the story's angle.

Below the Commercial Appeal article, in the comments section, are some claims made by Mitchell supporters, quickly responded to by Mustang supporters, including this graduate.

As you will see, the discussion strayed well off-topic from the game, but remained pertinent to the root of the problem.

I really, really hope you come back here to discuss whatever you wish; ask a few questions, make some observations, and give some criticisms of anything and anyone you wish. This is a topic on which I crave discussion. I ask you to oblige me.

Here's an excerpt from Tuesday34's writing:

Black school loses...out comes the race card. It is sadly predictable.

Go ahead and send the TSSAA your concerns, but don't be too surprised when you don't hear back from them for accusing Glenn McCadams and David Lipscomb of fixing a Memphis, no less.

I remember walking off the field with the State Championship Trophy after shutting-out Memphis Mitchell 28-0, and having some Mitchell fans scream at us, saying we were "cheaters" and that we "got lucky."

I have a feeling "legitimacy" would have been granted to those labels by some if the game had been any closer, or if Mitchell had posted any more than negative twenty yards of total offense. The only reason that bit of history remains pertinent is the reality behind the mindset.

Those who make those kinds of claims (as Mickavelli has) likely do so in their low income job, in a poor housing district, lamenting all the times they got screwed in their life.

"Losers make excuses. Winners go home with the prom queen."- Sean Connery in "The Rock"

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