Monday, December 3, 2007

The Yearly BCS Bull

The beauty pageant has ended with yet more controversy. A controversy which is allegedly unavoidable and will forever remain without remedy.

There are many models that would raise the already astronomical revenue and keep the integrity of college football intact. However, let's just look at the mistakes in the current system that has once again made the BCS one of the biggest jokes in all of sports.

1. Kansas in the Orange Bowl. Really? The best thing in their school's football history is the whoopin' they received from Mizzou two weeks ago. If Tigers weren't beaten bad enough, a Jayhawk team may have been thrashed 77-0 in the Big 12 title game by OU had they gone.

Sports writers and BCS voters should be ashamed that Missouri is not in their system. Instead they elected to take the proven inferior team, as Kansas did not even earn their division crown. Utterly ridiculous.

2. Hawaii is NOT GOOD AT FOOTBALL. The Warriors do not impress me in the least. Rallying wins over San Jose St., Nevada, and a 4-9 Washington Husky team should translate into a joke of an undefeated season.

Lots of people will be cheering the underdog on, as Hawaii faces the red hot Georgia Bulldogs in the Sugar Bowl. Again, a team not even winning their division is a problem for me when Georgia goes, but their presence does not seem like a thinly veiled sham of an invite like the Warriors'. For me personally, I hope Georgia wins 84-0, and puts a strong nail into the coffin of the mid-major power push.

3. Illinois, again a team that is just not good. A 9-3 Big 10 team to square off against USC? That ought to be a good game.....pppppllllllllllllbbbbbbbbbbtttttttttt.

I have made some criticisms, so who would I have taken to produce more watchable match ups with some legitimate powers? I submit to you the Bunkhouse BCS, or Believable Clark Scheduling.

  • Rose Bowl- #6 USC vs. #3 Oklahoma- How great a match up would this game be? Two of the nation's best this season, and a game that may preview the '08 title game. It would be phenomenal.
  • Orange Bowl- #11 West Virginia vs. #5 Virginia Tech- Again, a match up that is watchable. Strong, fast defenses with spread option offenses that are battling for some bragging rights in the Appalachian area of the country. This would be a fun game.
  • Sugar Bowl- #7 Missouri vs. #9 Florida- Spread offenses and speed everywhere. I think Florida would roll, but it's a better match up than the other bowls have produced.
  • Fiesta Bowl- #4 Georgia vs. #12 Arizona State- Yet another good, and watchable game, although it is the least of the 4 other bowls in its' match up.
  • BCS Championship Game- #1 Ohio State vs. #2 LSU- I suppose they got it right. We'll never know for sure.
I believe the current system produced two teams that will play for a mythical national title. According to its' proponents, that's all it's supposed to do. Even so, I do not think the system has done itself justice, and I ardently believe the existence of the BCS is fundamentally flawed.

I hope we can get some reasonable and fair solution soon. How great would a pro style playoff system be for the National Championship? I have heard all the reasons for the current system's stubborn state, and I believe everyone of them to be invalid. If anyone wants to debate that, we can do so on the comments section.

The Bunkhouse Bowl Championship Playoff

First round byes for the top 4 BCS teams (who won their conference title): Ohio State, LSU, Oklahoma, and Virginia Tech.

1st Round (Dec. 15th)

-USC hosts Florida

-West Virginia hosts Arizona State

-Georgia hosts Hawaii

-Missouri hosts Kansas

Those are the top 12 BCS teams, with Conference Champions hosting a first rounder.

2nd Round (Dec. 22nd)

-Ohio State hosts West Virginia

-LSU hosts Missouri

-Oklahoma hosts USC

-Virginia Tech hosts Georgia

Final Four (Dec. 29th)

-The Orange Bowl hosts Ohio State vs. Georgia

-The Rose Bowl hosts LSU vs. USC

National Championship (January 7th- The same day it is now)

-The Sugar Bowl hosts Georgia vs. USC (Just to predict some upsets)

It would be an amazing month of football, highly lucrative, and whomever wins the National Title would have unquestioned legitimacy as Champion.

Thoughts to togetha....we stand and sing.

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