Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cam's Weekly Wednesday Top 10

The uncertainty that plagues this year's college football season is just another in a long line of reasons division I football needs a playoff.

As the beauty pageant rages on into the rivalry weekends, here is my Top 10 teams in the collegiate "bowl sub-division." The rankings are based upon which teams I would favor against any other team in the nation.

1. LSU (9-1)- They have the nation's most physical and tenacious team.

Achilles Heel: Penalties, turnovers, and the reckless stupidity of Les Miles have made this team vulnerable at times this season.

2. Oklahoma (9-1)- Just flat nasty on both sides of the ball. A collapse in the final seven minutes in Boulder earlier in the season is the Sooner's lone blemish. They'll win the Big 12 no problem.

Achilles Heel: Inexperience.

3. West Virginia (8-1)- Fast, fast, fast with a tremendous offense.

Achilles Heel: Defense, penalties, and overall stupidity.

4. Florida (7-3)- The Tebow show in full swing is a site to see. They are the nation's fastest team, and when Urban Meyer has a good game plan the Gators will pound almost any opponent to dust.

Achilles Heel: Inexperience and Urban Meyer's stubbornness to keep hacking away with a game plan that is ineffective.

5. Oregon (8-1)- The Ducks' spread offense is lethal in the Pac-10. They are disciplined and well coached with a defense that causes a lot of turnovers.

Achilles Heel: The defense is as ineffective as their offense has proven affective. Their defense causes a lot of turnovers because they play in the Pac-10, but their offense turns the ball over as much as their defense takes it away.

6. Missouri (9-1)- The experts actually got one right. Their spread-option offense is as good as it gets.

Achilles Heel: They have been largely untested in the Big 12 North division, and their defense gives up a lot of points.

7. Virginia Tech (8-2)- They are the only team in the ACC with enough talent to boast a top 10 rating.

Achilles Heel: Turnovers, uncertainty at quarterback, and Frank Beamer.

8. Georgia (8-2)- I really hesitate to rank the Bulldogs this high, but truth be told, there's no one else left I would favor over them.

Achilles Heel: Inexperience and irrelevance....they're Georgia.

9. Kansas (10-0)- The nation's lone unbeaten in major conference play. They score a lot.

Achilles Heel: They're not very good at football. I'll shut up if they beat Mizzou and OU, but it's not happening. No defense= losses against good teams. Also, their coach may keel over on the sideline at any moment.

10. Ohio State (10-1)- Just SO pedestrian, but there's no one left. They play in a entirely pathetic Big 10, so their testing has been 'nil all year.

Achilles Heel: The entire team. Sloppy on special teams. Porous on defense, and streaky on offense.

Teams that have no business in the discussion: Arizona State, USC, Hawaii, Boise State, Texas, Boston College, and Cincinnati.


J. Canterbury said...

There is some scuttle butt going on around here that Lllloyd Carr will announce his resignation as coach by the end of this year to accept a job in the Michigan front office.

Furthermore, the name that tops the list for a possible replacment is none other than Les Miles.

We'll see.

dawgs4life said...

Michigan is trading in their "car" for one with "less miles."