Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday's Child

Tiffany Yecke Brooks sent us this poem that we had framed and hung over Ainsley's crib. She wrote it when we Liz was pregnant with Ainsley a couple of years ago, and it remains one of the coolest things anyone has ever given us.

With our newest addition on the way, I just wanted to bring it on over to The Bunkhouse for the new readership to see it:


Sunday's Child is fair of face

Monday's Child is full of grace

Tuesday's Child is Freakin' Rad

(She gets that from her mom and dad)

Wednesday's Child is so good-looking

Tuesday's Child smells what The Rock is cooking

Thursday's Child has a dirty mouth

Tuesday's Child Will Love The South

Friday's Child is tall and regal

Tuesday's child will yell "Waaaaaaaaaaar Eagle!"

Saturday's life is full of drama

Tuesday's child loves allya mamas.

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

I am honored that the little ditty has such a place of esteem in the Clark household. It was just something that needed to be written.