Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You go green, I'll be fine...

By Taft Ayers

I have been bombarded lately with folks who want to save the planet.

Last week, I had a young man come in to my office and talk about all of the waste that our church contributes to and how we could be more economy-environment-efficiency rating friendly. After listening to him and then uttering, "okay, Al Gore, you may go now...", a harsh reality hit me. As he left my office, he said, "Taft, you're a good guy...don't kill the planet!"

Kill the planet?

We need to be more-so worried about the real GLOBAL WARMING. I'm talking about when this earth is set on fire and we are all judged for the life that we lived by THE CREATOR. That's SOMETHING that is worth my concern. Let's be ALARMED about that. I hope the planet doesn't get all jacked up, however, I'm not even promised to have tomorrow in the first place (Matthew 6.34).

There is a generation out there who really cares alot about "saving the earth." It is led by the Almost-President, Leonardo Di-whatvever and tons of hippies ( I say that last word with love!).

I have made a decision. I need to do my part to fight this hysteria that is being pushed about "global climate change." You see, sane folks used to call it "weather." Of course, this all happened when I was growing up and when Mr. Gore was a "conservative Democrat."

Don't get me wrong. I like, maybe even love, the planet that I live on....

....But this “we’re killing the planet” hysteria is a bit over the top. I’ve got news for some people - the planet will be fine. (I owe that line to George Carlin of all people.) We can’t kill the planet.

Excuse me while I go hop in my SUV to drive 1/2 a mile for lunch.

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