Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Unbridgeable Divide

By Cameron Clark

Anyone paying any attention at all to the modern American political landscape knows there is a great and growing divide between two sides. Both sides believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they hold the intellectual and moral high ground. No better is this evidenced than at Glen Dean's blog, Tennessee Free.

Glen set out with a noble intention: to create a forum for people of all political leanings and thought to come together for an open and honest debate on any issue. It has been successful in driving up blog traffic and "airing the grievances", but no one is really "listening" to one another. No one's mind is being changed. It's like one big Festivus session. The days of Calhoun and Clay are long gone, my friends.

I have been guilty of zealously defending an idea or person by accosting another's intelligence, and that is simply uncalled for and absurd. I am embarrassed that I ever did such things. Therefore, I'm bringing the engines back to neutral and simply refusing to engage people who bring all too much of the same partisan minutia and emotion to the table. I am starting to be of the mind that liberals and conservatives ought not talk to each other about politics. It goes nowhere fast and ends up turning very personal.

NFL level politics are done in legislative board rooms at Capital Plaza. The major party decisions are made in a Chief-of-staff's office, then the plan is executed by all involved in the legislative or executive process. Deals aren't hashed out in chat rooms or blogs. Those professional men and women compromise because it's politically advantageous to do so, not because the voters (or the bloggers) asked for it.

I love reading Glen's thoughts and like to see him, and others, tenaciously defend their principles, but for me, I am looking over the unbridgeable divide between the factions. The parties that claim, "You are for us, or against us!" Leaving those in center of the political spectrum in the middle of the cross-fire. We are "communist hippies" to one side and "fascist pigs" to the other, and no candidate who represents our views will be viable come November. What are we to do? Certainly we will not give up or cast aside our vote with the other politically apathetic hoards.

A wise person said, "Decisions are made by those who show up." I just wonder where the candidate is for whom we CAN show up. Ron Paul is a distant memory. Who will next pick up the torch? I'm anxious to see.

In the mean time, go check out Glen's site, but be sure to bring the ocular "earmuffs" if the kiddies are around.

Have a great Monday!

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