Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Semi-Weekly Wednesday Top 10

By Cameron Clark

In the middle of this move, I have found myself thinking about what I can do to relax once we get there. It's like we've been running on full throttle for some time now, and I just don't know how to throttle back down. I'm trying to come up with a Top 10 Things ways to relax once we move, but all I can seem to think of are the top to things I need to do. Therefore, I am going to leave this top 10 list up to you, the reader.

Please don't be shy, I know many of you peruse the site and don't leave comments, but I'm sure you can come up with some way to relax, or at least what you do to relax. Once they've been put in the comments or email me:, I'll post them here 1-10.

1. Listening to Music and Smoking a pipe, or some other piece of fine tobacco
2. Take a long drive and incorporate #1
3. Drinking large quantities of alcohol
4. Cooking
5. Reading
6. Eat Like Crap
7. "F*&^ yourself"- Anonymous. Nice. 'Eloquence' is thy name. Probably one of the "intellectuals" from Tennessee Free.
8. Spend lots of money on stuff I want
9. Listen to Bob Marley and smoke marijuana
10. "Cheeseburgers and Bourbon"

Have a great Wednesday!


Steven Baird said...

I like to enjoy alone time with a book or magazine. Cooking relaxes me. And a cool evening on the balcony with some good music, my pipe and bourbon or scotch is perfect.

Nicole McIntyre said...

Coming over to our house for dinner....;) I always take a lazy day after we move/unpack to be a bum. PJs, books, poor eating habits, the works.

athweatto said...

ok who smokes marijuana?? and who drinks bourbon???? Allison

Steven Baird said...

um, I don't put marijuana in my pipe. I use tobacco.

Cameron Clark said...

People that responded via email....

but don't worry, Allison. It wasn't Lee.

Tiffany said...

I watch Scrubs, walk my dog, or do some personal writing -- but not all at once. I'm not that talented. Or coordinated.

J. Canterbury said...

Going for a drive. Alone. Works everytime.

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