Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weekly Wednesday Top 10

While the ratings were higher than ever for Super Bowl XLII, there were several people a little too busy to tune in. Here are the Top 10 excuses for missing SB42.

10. "I had a prior engagement at a Los Angles Psychiatric Hospital."

9. "My cousin Mose and I were in the beat field all day, then kicked back and watched Battle Star Galactica."

8. "I was on a plane to Aruba."

7. "My attorneys and I were preparing for five hours of depositions before Congress later in the week."

6. "I was on the phone with some guys in my fantasy football league trying to make some off-season trades."#

5. "I pitched-in to help fill out some Chicago ballots in an attempt to steal the state from its' favorite son."

4. "I was too busy watching Lost on DVD and filling my blog with prognostications about the events which may or may not be taking place on said show.....I have no life."#

3. "I was too busy making a big freakin' deal out of nothing."***

2. "I was makin' it rain."

1. "I was at church. What else would I be doing on a Sunday evening in Nashville?"***

Anyone else have any excuses for missing the big game?

To make it an interesting day, the person to name all ten people responsible for the excuses will win an all expense paid dinner at the Thompson Station Grille (whenever they are in Nashville to collect said prize). I'll post the results tomorrow.

-Just a warning: You will need limited knowledge of my friends and/or their blogs to answer all of the questions. All of the sites needed to find the quotes are found on the links section.

-Although the quotes belong to specific people, I will give credit for funny or original answers that suite the quote.

*There is really not a wrong answer here, just take a swing at it.

#The answer can be found using the links on the right-hand side of the blog

Have a great Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

10. Tom Cruise
9. Dwight K. Schrute - Assistant To the Vice President
8. Natalee Holloway - Is it too soon? It's too soon isn't it?
7. Proctor
6. Mezzapelle Touch!
5. Michael Jordan
4. Everyone but me.
3. Females Everywhere
2. John Grisham
1. Everyone in Nashville. It's kind of a churchy place.


Cameron Clark said...

2 correct, and 2 more I'll accept.

Jared Gable said...

10. Britney Spears
9. Dwight Schrute
8. Troy Foxwell
7. Roger Clemens
6. Junior
5. Stedman
4. Alan Gable
3. Arlen Specter
2. Pacman Jones
1. Bobby Bates

Cameron Clark said...

4 dead on, another 3 I will accept, and 1 for which I changed my own answer.

Anonymous said...

How about these excuses?

I care about the Superbowl like I care about Britney Spears' latest boy toy.

Or this one:
"A superbowl is a toilet that cleans itself." Maxine.