Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Morning Music Choices

We've got an exciting week ahead. Liz goes to Topeka for the month today, while we have Super Tuesday tomorrow and National Signing Day on Wednesday. Sounds like we have an awful lot going on in the next few days, but not really so much.

Let's see what I found on itunes this morning.

1. Fat Bottomed Girls- Queen- I can't remember who it was in the Crieve Hall Youth Group who was the first to share this song with me, but it was scandalous and yet very funny at the time. Just a salute to the old days.

Best line: "Are you gonna let it all hang out? Fat-Bottomed Girls, you make the rockin' world go 'round."

2. Islands in the Stream- Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton- I'm going to be performing Dolly's part at a karaoke party next week. Sounds like fun, and I needed to get some practice in before the big show.

Best line: "We can ride it together, uh huh"......that's what she said.

3. Home of the Blues- Johnny Cash- It's not my all time favorite Cash song, but I still like it a lot.

It's definitely 'steady like a train, sharp like a razor.'

Best line: "The sun never shines through this window of mine. It's dark at the home of the Blues."

4. Son of a Preacherman- Dusty Springfield-
Soulful and smooth, but in a bit of an oxymoronic association, I always think of Jacob Winkler when I hear this song. I think that started one summer at camp because of Ben Beasley.

Best line: The whole song.

5. The Gambler- Kenny Rogers- I don't know why I haven't owned this one before now. Hard to beat.

Best line: "So, if you don't mind me sayin', I can see you're out of aces. For a taste of your whiskey I'll give you some advice."

If anyone has any suggestions for next week's list, let me know.

Have a great Monday!

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Alan Gable said...

Good list.

Next week's list should be Tuesday's top 5 love songs of all time as a tribute to Saint Val.