Friday, February 1, 2008

Factious Fridays

I think I have enough factiousness in me this morning to take a good swing at the old cantankerous mythos.

1. The coefficient of friction on the roads in Kansas City is pretty low today. The rancorous climate on the Great Plains is the geographic "whipping boy" on which Mother Nature unleashes her angst in retaliation for "Global Warming." The relentless winter just gets on my last nerve as a "tanned-a** Southerner." (which I was called the other day by a local)

Essentially, the weather in Johnson County (Kansas) from mid-October to late April is frigid, followed by two weeks of Spring, followed immediately by four and a half months of 95+ degree days, followed by two weeks of Fall, then Winter assails the region again.

I think I would categorized the weather here as obscene. Can I use that word to describe it? Because that just happened.

2. Will someone please tell Arlen Specter to shut up? The ranking Republican of the Senate Judiciary Committee wants NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to appear before his little band of bullies to explain exactly why the league disposed of the evidence against the Patriots in the "Spygate" scandal.

(Senator Specter has been after the NFL for over a year now, trying to get the league's anti-trust exemption removed)

I have grown exceedingly weary of congressional overreaching to meddle in the affairs of businesses and lifestyles; it's the abuse of governmental power at its zenith.

The NFL acted swiftly and judiciously in their punishment of the Patriots and Bill Belichek, so why should it matter to the U.S. Senate? I am still at a loss to come up with a legitimate compelling interest why congress was involved in the "steroids n' baseball" mess. This non-issue with the NFL will be a whole new level of absurdity.

I understand why people wanted congressional oversight of MLB, and I understand Bud "The Hayseed" Selig was a culprit in the perpetuation of the problem. I also understand that the real scandal in all these situations is the government using tax payer time and money to address this type of foolishness instead of the myriad of gargantuan and substantive problems facing America today.

Who's holding the Senate Judiciary Committee accountable? Because I know there are 31 owners who can and will hold Roger Goodell responsible for an act they feel is injudicious regarding "Spygate." At least they'll be using their own money to deal with that matter, and not mine.

3. I don't understand people who would vote for Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney. It is beyond me. The pair don't seem to actually stand for anything at all. They seem to be for winning and against losing, and that's all I know.

Mitt Romney has been a "conservative" for what, 15 months now? He was the Governor of Massachusetts, how "conservative" can he actually be? Certainly not enough for the 'barb', "You're no conservative" to stick when attempting to slap John McCain with the Republican slur.

Hillary Clinton bought a house in Chappaqua, New York in September of 1999, and did so to meet the residency requirements to run for Senate in New York. Why New York and not her home state of Illinois or her more recent 'digs' in Arkansas? Because the good people of New York were some of the only people simple-minded and ignorant enough to elect a carpet-bagging, power hungry feminista to the Senate for a delegate-rich state in the electoral college.

Both campaigns are a mile wide and an inch deep, hidden only by a thick layer of manure that shouldn't fool anyone.

Disagree with any of that? I'm all ears.

Have a great Friday!

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Alan Gable said...

Only a minor point of contention - Bud Selig only deserves a minor portion of the blame for this steroids nonsense. He's the commissioner and he answers to the owners. The only thing he did was his job and he did it pretty well. The lion's share of the blame should fall on Don Fehr, director of the Players' Association and a real "foul git". In baseball, unlike the NFL, the players' union is able to bully the owners into submission. Don Fehr, with I believe full knowledge of the rampant nature of steroid abuse, has continually covered up the problem. This man is one of the reasons that nobody likes lawyers. Looking at the man requires only one response....

"Quit looking at me, will ya? Got the bug eyes!"