Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday Morning Music Choices

Last week's music search put me on a "Country Kick," but it's not for a lack of trying to look elsewhere.

When I look at itunes, and there is nothing but a bunch of artists named T-Pain, Michalz, Flo Rida, and Soulja Boy with songs like Cyclonez, Shawty iz da s***, and many other brutal assaults on the English language, I roll my eyez and wonder about the future of this country.

Here's a good list of actual muzik that I dun found todayz.

1. Love Your Baby Girl- Sugarland- A nice song, with a good melody. It sounds like a little girl who loves her parents. That's the goal.

2. Louisiana Saturday Night- Mel McDaniel- This is one of these great songs I remember from my childhood. The first time I heard it was at Manuel's Cajun Country Store out in Milton, Tn played by a live Cajun band on Manuel's front porch.

Good times.

3. You'll Always Be My Baby- Sara Evans- I hope this is the kind of husband I have become.

4. Guitars, Cadillacs- Dwight Yoakam- For Odiecoo. Dwight's doing a little acting now. He was the husband in the opening scene of Wedding Crashers. "Go comatose for me, baby."

5. Bubba Shot The Jukebox- Mark Chestnut- The question is, "If you don't already have it, why wouldn't you get it?" This classic should have been in my library long ago.

Let me know if I left some good ones out. Enjoy your Monday! Hold the lemons.

We'll break down this BCS non-sense tomorrow.


odiedawg said...

coo -

thanks dude. don't forget that Dwight was also in Slingblade - one of the best movies of all time. "Love em' french fried taters".


Steven Baird said...

Dwight Yoakum is great. He also wrote and directed and starred in a little known movie I like called "South of Heaven, West of Hell"