Sunday, November 18, 2007

SEC Weekend Wrap Up

Looks like The Bunkhouse is back in the saddle with a 50 win season now in the bag. It was a solid weekend across the board (4-2, 52-15 season) with only one true SEC upset. The spread was the most kind this weekend as only LSU failed me on the line (5-1, 20-16 season).

Let's see how it went:

-Tim Tebow probably put a pretty solid string around the Heisman with another the good statistical performance in the 59-20 romp over Florida Atlantic. 338 yards passing and four total touchdowns put Tebow in a class by himself on the season, and the coverage of his 20th rushing TD this author thinking the sophomore has won the heart of the media, and it's all over but the coronation.

If Tebow scores only twice, and the Gators beat Florida State next weekend, it's a stone cold lock. As for me, it will mark my 9th straight year predicting the Heisman winner after week 4 of the season. When Timmy takes it home, it will be the first time in the ten years I have been predicting that the winner will have actually been the best player in the country.

-Kentucky started off hot, but the Bulldogs stayed calm and kept hacking away until the rushing attack and time of possession took over (184 yards rushing, only 99 passing yards) and pulled away for the 24-13 win.

The Cats are looking to do the Bulldogs a favor next week if they can knock off the Vols, while Dawgs turn their attention to "Pure Old Fashioned Hate" on Thanksgiving Day.

-The Mississippi State Bulldogs pulled an air attack out of their rear end, with 421 yards, though the yards ended up being as hollow as Houston Nutts' tenure at Arkansas.

The Hawgs rolled over State on the ground and garnered an early lead that they never relinquished as Nutt gets one more win in "The Rock," 45-31. Houston will await his regular season finale in Baton Rouge next weekend before looking for new work.

The Razorbacks are going bowling (7-4), but I don't know who will be the coach when that rolls around.

-Vanderbilt was whippin' the Vols in Knoxville for 3 3/4 quarters until the Vol air attack produced 16 4th quarter points, including a field goal to take the lead 25-24 with 2:49 left in the game.

The 'Dores had one last chance to get the win with a 49 yard field goal attempt, but it bounced off the upright with only 30 second to go.

I'll still be looking for Vandy to go bowling with a win over Wake Forest next week, as the Vols will go to Lexington to try to punch their ticket to Atlanta with a win.

-When I looked at the stats for the UL-Monroe/Bama game, I didn't have to look very closely to see the "game changing" stat...4 Tide turnovers.

Bama dominated the statistics, but the turnovers and time of possession were in heavy favor of UL-Monroe and they were able to stave off two drives in the wanning minutes of the game to pull off the upset in T-town.

Brother Saban "ain't gonna let this one stand," so I would imagine the recruiting trail and the practice field are gonna get heated up pretty well headed into the Iron Bowl. Bama needs a win to get bowl eligible (only 5 wins vs. D-I opponents) while the Tigers have had a week off to prepare.

A question remains: Are the Tuberville rumors going to distract from the game as A&M and Arkansas are looking to pull "Ears" off The Plains whether or not he racks up a sixth straight win over the Tide?

We have a great week of football coming up to make up for this abysmal weekend, whose highlight was the "torporific" Ohio State- Michigan snoozer.

Week 13 Games of Interest:

Watch: Texas at Texas A&M, Tennessee at Kentucky, Alabama at Auburn

Tevo: Arkansas at LSU, Florida State at Florida, Clemson at South Carolina

Don't Buy The Hype: Missouri at Kansas (although it will be a good, high-scoring game, the teams are complete non-events despite their high rankings).


Dawgs4life said...

A mutual friend of ours told me about this blog. The fella will remain nameless but it is obvious that the two of are friends. I can only suppose that you too also love Rap Music, George W Bush and any movie with Nic Cage in it becuase your shared "timmy-love" is sick. The kid is a soph. He is NO Archie Griffin, meaning that he is a 2nd year kid NOT worthy of recognition. He has 3 losses. I don't care that Dixon has a bum leg, there's no reason that Captain Jesus should win the award. He will be a great fullback in the NFL though, if he doesn't move to the jungle for some Bible thumpin.

tayers44 said...

So I went to bed early tonight, took some tylenol pm and cashed out....or so I thought..I expected to wake up at 8 on Tuesday morning totally refreshed. Instead, I woke up because of you, dawgs4life, aka MORON! You really thought is was a good idea to call me and say, "dude...check out the blog I wrote"? I got up, stumbled over to this computer, and found your masterpiece. First of all, I Taft Ayers, am the mutual friend you spoke of. I love any music that I can bob my head to, so yes, that included rap. Sue me if I love the commander in chief as well (you do to by the way, nice cheapshot!) and before you die, Cage will have won 10 academy awards...just wait and see. On to sports...I have no idea why you brought up that blasted yankee, Archie Griffin. Yeah, he was a buckeye who won two he15man's. But he won them as a Junior and Senior, you simpleton. Tebow is NO Griffin (as you stated) because he can freakin' launch the ball as well as ram it down a linebacker's throat. And we have 3 losses due to the fact that receivers at Florida, especially white ones, don't run routes correctly until their 5th collegiate year (i.e. Caldwell). None of the losses have been because of Tebow's mishaps. Sorry, if you are going to drop "Captain Jesus" on us, you have to remember that He, too, operated with perfection. Tebow is the QB of the future, you can't hold his jock or mine. Two more things: Don't like my lengthy rant? Then don't call me, waking me up, telling me how awesome your post was..and Cammo, I'm sorry we turned this into our battlefied. Kick us out of your backyard whenever you want. I'm out. Sweet dreams. FYI: My phone is on silent NOW.

dawgs4life said...

When your beloved "timmy" goes down to the Criminoles this weekend. . . . I will still be your friend, but will you atleast agree at that point to wear a McFadden jersey and speak of his great talent and marketability?