Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Morning Music Choices

Now that we're back in KC and back to my itunes, I was more than anxious to get some hot and fresh music on my ipod.

Here's what this Monday held for me:

1. Jack and Diane- John Cougar Mellencamp- It's one of those songs that will never fail to remind me of something totally unrelated. When I hear the beat to this song, I think "Camp Kalos" circa 1996, with Phil Waggoner singin' "Dave & Tim" as our cabin song to Mellencamp's tune.

2. Tell Me 'Bout It- Joss Stone- She's either really good or really bad. She either hits a home run or gets on your last nerve. This one is more on my nerves than anything else.

I got it free as the "tune of the day" from Starbucks. I'm not so sure about the quality of the "song of the day" as I have another 4 songs that were complete duds also.

3. London Bridge- Fergie- Ainsley thinks this song is the best, as she actually dances to it. She gets that from her mama, because Fergie's voice and appearance make me feel like I need a hepatitis shot. Get the "clean version" if you want to follow suit.

4. Tangerine- Led Zeppelin- Easy going and solid song that formerly could only be bought in the Box Set or Led Zeppelin III, but they signed on with itunes to download individually. Get as many Zeppelin songs as you can.

5. Lewis Boogie- Jerry Lee Lewis- "My name is Jerry Lee Lewis from Louisiana, I'm gonna do ya a little boogie on this here 'piana.'" You gotta love his style.

That's the news this morning from out in the Territories, where are all the women look like horses, and the horses are scared.

Gotta go, my London Bridge is going down like...something clever that escapes me right now.

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