Saturday, January 30, 2010

Useless Fridays (Vol. 4)

Ever felt like a complete waste on Fridays?

You sit down at your desk, check email for a little while (two hours), head to a quick lunch (with stops for coffee and dessert) and then get back to do some real work for the afternoon (Solitaire, WOW, online poker) and then face the weekend when it's time to go home?

If that describes you, then we CELEBRATE you and your dedication. Let's face it, you perform slave labor Monday through Thursday, Friday should be your day.

So, while you are doing mindless things and "pointless" hours are spent in your chair so that you can say you "didn't take Friday off"'s some useless information to keep you hard at work. Enjoy.

*EDITORS NOTE: We were so useless on Friday, that we didn't even get this done. Thus, the Saturday publish date.


-A prestidigitator is another word for magician.

-A castrated rooster is called a capon.

-A conchologist studies mollusks and shells.

-A deltiologist collects postcards.

-A fingerprint is also known as a dactylogram.

-A funambulist is a tightrope walker.

-A horologist measures time.

-A klazomaniac is someone who feels like shouting.

-A librocubicularist is someone who reads in bed.

-A phrenologist feels and interprets skull features.

-A sultan's wife is called a sultana.

-An anthropophagite eats people.

-Killing a king is called regicide.

-Spat-out food is called chanking.

-The ball on top of a flagpole is called the truck.

-A fox's tail is called a brush.

-The two ends of a magnet are called poles.

-The word diastima refers to having a gap between your teeth.

-The word lethologica describes the state of not remembering the word you want to say.

-The word samba means to rub navels together.

-When your skin is full, the little hole that lets the water drain, instead of flowing over the side, is called a porcelator.


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