Friday, January 29, 2010

Upcoming Projects

Please be patient as we develop our website at That will be up and functioning soon. Detailed and updated information will be found there, as well as more convenient methods of giving to our cause.

Please note that 100 cents of every dollar donated for each specific project will go to transportation of supplies and volunteers, or to the purchase of supplies once our volunteers are on the ground.

Absolutely no administrative costs are embedded in the project budgets. We have a separate endowment to cover those costs.

We have four on-going endeavors we will organize and support with your help. All four identify specific needs in areas of the world that are currently not served or are under-served.

The name of each mission is a Hebrew word defining the overall goal:

Rapha Project (Healer) – Medical mission to Guatemala (April 2010)

Rapha Platoon Composition: 5-10 physicians, 10-15 nurses or P.A.s, 5 dentists and dental hygienists, 3-5 dieticians, 10 Spanish Translators, 5-10 work-minded volunteers

Mission: A continuing medical operation to the city of Chimaltenango, Guatemala centering around the church-run mission there.

Supplies: Up to 5000 pounds of medical, clothing, and educational supplies.

-Meet the immediate and urgent general supply needs of the mission (74 children)
-Serve the emergent/urgent medical needs of the orphanage and surrounding township
-Build the foundations of a lasting outreach mission for the church in Chimaltenango

Positive Impact Estimate: 2,000 people in 6 days.

Morah Project (Teacher) – Building facilities and supplying a school associated with an orphanage in Belize City, Belize (Fall 2010)

Morah Platoon Composition: 15-20 Teachers, 15-20 Builders, 5 physicians or nurses, 5 work-minded volunteers

Supplies: All school-related materials and building supplies that can be carried from America, and cash to buy materials with which to build or upgrade school and orphanage structures

-Meet the immediate clothing and minor medical needs of the orphanage and school
-Supply and build a school with the intent of establishing immediate and long-term solutions to a severe teacher deficit in a drastically under-served area
-Provide teacher-training for the volunteer teaching staff already on the ground in Belize City

Positive Impact Estimate: 300 children, 100 adults for the rest of their lives.

Chavah Project
(Farm) – Installing sustainable and reproducible farming methods in poor-soil areas (Winter 2011)

Location: A to-be-determined area in Central America or Amazonian South America

Chavah Platoon: 15-20 agricultural engineers, 5-10 translators, 20-25 work-minded volunteers

Positive Impact Estimate: Feeding thousands and thousands of hungry and helpless people for years.

Zedekiah Project (Justice) – Pro Bono Publico legal representation working on various cases stateside involving child welfare (adoption, schooling, abuse)

Internationally, working to establish Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to micro-lend monies in order to jump-start local economies quickly, and establish self-sufficient sources of income for citizens of developing nations (April 2010)

Zedekiah Platoon: As many lawyers and academically qualified volunteers as possible to meet the demands of each case or NGO.

Positive Impact Estimate: Countless thousands to be served and influenced in an immeasurable domino effect that reaches around the globe for generations to come!

If you would like to find out how you can help or volunteer with any of these projects, please contact me:

You can also contact us or send donations to our mailing address:

The 728b Foundation
2479 Murfreesboro Road, Suite 106
Nashville, TN, 37217

If you wish to give to a specific project, please identify which project on the "notes" section of the check, and 100% of your donation will go to your project.

Never doubt that a small group of dedicated and thoughtful people can change the world; because it’s the only thing that ever has.

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