Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well said, Bob

Just being honest, I've never really understood the Bob Dylan love-fest.

I must admit, I haven't taken a hard plunge into his music or lyrics. Even though the little bit that I have waded in has left me with a feeling of ... 'eh'...

Some people that I love and respect very much really are infatuated with him and what he represents, so I casually pay attention when his name is mentioned.

Recently, there was an article written about him and his place in this world.

I read this quote from him and my respect for him as a man instantly grew. He was offered the softball question about George W. Bush and he handled it beautifully. Most "celebrities" take pinata-like swipes at the former president. Here's what Dylan said:

“I read history books just like you do. None of those guys are immune to the laws of history. They’re going to go up or down, and they’re going to take their people with them. None of us really knew what was happening in the economy. It changed so quickly into a true nightmare of horror. In another day and age, heads would roll. That’s what would happen. The rot would be cut out. As far as blaming everything on the last president, think of it this way: The same folks who had held him in such high regard came to despise him. Isn’t it funny that they’re the very same people who once loved him? People are fickle. Their loyalty can turn at the drop of a hat.”


Cameron said...

So very true.

I like how he used the "laws of history."

The thing about George W. Bush's presidency is that its stock has nowhere to go but up over the test of time.

Lakeside Youth said...

Nobody knows about people turning fickle more than Bob. Check out "No Direction Home" and watch as the crowds turn on electric Dylan as he moved "away" from his folk roots and sounds. At one point he asks, "Why would they pay money just to 'boo' me." At Royal Albert Hall a man yells out "Judas!" as Dylan moves into "Like a Rolling Stone." I believe that every lyric, music, song choice, tour, whatever ... must be seen in light of this dark time for him. The man knows about making choices and sticking to his guns. No one defines Dylan.

"Please don't feel so all alone / Everybody must get stoned"

Tiffany said...

As someone who is attending a Dylan concert in July (!!!!!!!!!!!), I want to thank you for bringing this quote to our collective attention. I think it is insightful and, as you point out, beautifully handled. He didn't go for the cheap zinger but for an actual answer demonstrating depth and analysis.