Friday, January 9, 2009

Things to come

All too many times I spent so much energy working on pieces of writing I deemed worthy of discussing, but found it more of an empty exercise; devoid of any real meaning and value.

In retrospect, I find many of the subjects I've written about do not reflect the person that I am or the things I truly cherish in life. It may have reflected an overall attitude of anger or selfishness, but I no longer am filled with factiousness on Fridays or feel compelled to depict some kind of righteous indignation with the latest political headlines. I feel drawn to peace and all things that have to do with savoring the gift of life. The spread of laughter and happiness are the order of the day; and I am no longer filled with rage, but passion and compassion. Such is the grace of God and Christ Jesus.

What we are all given in this life is the power of influence. Our actions and words resonate throughout time in how others receive them.

The small things that a child learns from watching you. The things you glean from hearing a total stranger speak about their life. The awesome impact of witnessing a life come to a close in this world...leaving nothing lasting here except a faith that challenges us to live whatever we have here for others...which is living life to its fullest extent.

So, along with these talented men with their ability to write what is in their hearts, minds, and lives...we will give you our take on music, sports, raising children, political philosophy, and the faith that is that the core of everything we act upon and in which we are interested.

You can look forward to our own Bunkhouse Top 100 Vocalists, the off-season college football recruiting trail, what we learn from our daily lives as fathers and husbands, and anything else we feel moved to write. Whatever it is it will be authentic and good (maybe not interesting or grammatically correct, but good).

See you here bright and early Monday with the Bunkhouse's Top Vocalists (100-80).

Grace and peace

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Tiffany said...

Thanks for the glimpse of vision and peace you've just shared and plan to share.

The world could use a little more of it.