Monday, January 12, 2009

Bunkhouse Top 100 Vocalists of All Time

In response to the collective opinion that Rolling Stone's rankings of top vocalists was pretty lame, we here at the Bunkhouse decided to put together our own top 100 list.

How we did it
: 12 people were asked to rank their 20 favorite/top vocalists of all time. The people selecting this list work in a wide range of professional fields: Historic home curating, English professors, youth ministers, family counselors, physicians, lawyers, accountants, stay at home dads, and football coaches.

The lists were compiled and rankings were averaged into this outstanding selection of top vocalists. I must say the absence of Bjork from our list makes the list better than RS by default.

Vocalists # 100-80

100. Joey Ramone- The Ramones- His voice was more addictive than "good", but he gave us some great songs to which we can still bang our heads.

99. William Golden- The Oak Ridge Boys- He's definitely the most distinctive looking vocalist on the countdown with his long beard and hair.

98. Caleb Followell- Kings of Leon- He helped revolutionize the role of the lead singer with his unique pitch that blends into the music. It's a clear tenor that tells a story, but doesn't take over the sound.

97. Jason Moore- The Katies- Christian performer. Has a nice gravel/rasp in the Poison/White Snake category.

96. Julian Casablancas- The Strokes- His abilities and vocals cover a wide range of genres that has led to the success of his band, The Strokes. He's like a non-acidic Ozzy Osbourn.

95. Don McLean- Definitely a folk song genre guy that is surely reminiscent of a medieval minstrel.

94. Chris Martin- Coldplay- Soulful and whiny. That pretty well covers it.

93. Elton John- I think a lot of people would argue this is way too low for his caliber of vocals, but he's exactly where he should be considering his best songs are about Benny, Princess Di, and a crocodile.

92. Sarah McLachlan- Again, a low number for a powerful and easily recognizable voice, but she pretty well keeps her music in a niche that isn't widely appealing.

91. Bob Dylan- A great song-writer. His voice sucks. It sounds like a chainsaw being started through his nose......didn't yeeeeeewwww?

90. Paul Simon- If you'll be my bodyguard, I can be your long-lost pal. If I can call you Betty; Betty when you call me, you can call me Al.

Awesome. Though I remember (at 8 years old) being disappointed when I found out Chevy Chase was not the one who sang that. His better stuff was alongside a guy named Art.

89. George Jones-
The Possum. He sounds as if he could be singing about when exactly she stopped loving him, or selling you some radials down at Bass Tire Shop.

88. John Lennon- Cue the critics. Died tragically. Best music was before the Beatles discovered drugs. His voice was mediocre. Song most loved by the masses is about communism.

Here's what I want you to imagine-- a world where John Lennon wasn't so self righteous.

87. David Gray- He's got a cultish following. He's a gifted musician with some pretty great songs. His sound is a matter of preference.

86. Rick Brantley- Again, soulful and sensuous category. Makes a lot of heart-break or baby-making songs. Seriously thought this dude was a chick first time I saw him. Good music though.

85. Kurt Cobain
- Nirvana- His voice is like listening to something expensive break. There is a darkness to it that should bother almost everyone who listens.

I guess he gets props for all the influence his "grunge" has on many of today's artists.

84. John Popper-
Blues Traveler- One of the most electrifying entertainers there is! Great song writer who has the unique use of the harmonica throughout his songs.

He lost like 250 pounds since their debut. His new stuff is still pretty sharp, but doesn't get any airtime. His vocals are perfect for their type of music.

83. Charlotte Church
- Her songs suck....she has some pipes though.

82. David Phelps- Christian music singer who can really belt out his high tenor.

81. Jim Croce- He don't mess around with Slim, Jim, or Leroy. Easily the best folk singer since the beginning of recorded music.

80. Jimi Hendrix
- The Experience- His voice helped define a generation. His music was original and commanding. I challenge you to listen his music and not get totally into it...start with Voodoo Child, end with All Along The Watchtower. You'll like how you feel afterward.


Taft said...

1. I hope the "jason moore" listed is the one who is the frontman for "The Katies".

2. Thank you so much for your comments on Bob Dylan. Finally.

3. You nailed it, Rick Brantley looks like a junior high princess.

ilovekelly75 said...

You even admit Bob Dylan's voice is terrible, yet you put him on the list of best singers of all time.