Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rolling Stone Top 100 (Part 3)

By Taft Ayers

The folks at Rolling Stone recently released their list of the 100 "greatest singers of all time." I am going to release them in four groups of 25 (not that you couldn't look them up on your own, but hey, this is fun!)

Feel free to argue with my opinions, that's what makes music so great.

Also, feel free to laud me for my opinions, that's what makes music so great.

**The list was made by an all-star cast of voters. Each voter was asked to list his or her 20 favorite vocalists from the rock era, in order of their importance. Those ballots were recorded and weighted according to methodology developed by the accounting firm of Ernst & Young, which then tabulated and verified the results for Rolling Stone.**

49. Donny Hathaway
- A Complete Stud. Probably a great number for him, too.

48. Buddy Holly- Total geek. Awesome voice. It makes sense. He is Mr. 48.

47. Jim Morrison-
So far, we are three for three. I am feeling strong about these.

46. Patsy Cline- Holy crap! Is Rolling Stone on to something? These are all awesome.

45. Kurt Cobain- He's got a distinct voice, however, if he's not dead... he does not make my top 50.

44. Bobby "Blue" Bland- He should be in the 90's, with his buddy B.B. King.

43. George Jones- GARBAGE! They stopped lovin' #2 on my list!

42. Joni Mitchell- "She did her thing, and did it well." Blah blah blah---ugh.

41. Chuck Berry- "If you gave rock and roll another name, it'd be Chuck Berry." -JL

40. Curtis Mayfield- Eh, whatever, he tires me. Number 40 is very generous. I get it.

39. Jeff Buckley-
Unlike Cobain, his death cannot elevate him enough. Stellar voice.

38. Elton John- See my analysis of #52. Ditto. Ditto. Freakin'Ditto.

37. Neil Young-
Quick, give one reason he should be on this list! Put the joint down.

36. Bruce Springsteen- If he wasn't on here, the editors at RS would meltdown. Blah.

35. Dusty Springfield- Okay with me, she rattles the windows with that sweet sound.

34. Whitney Houston-
No reason, on any singing list, she's not top 20! Bodyguard4life

33. Steve Winwood- Dumb...and Greg Allman's number 70?

32. Bono- See my previous comments about Bobby Brown's girl and copy-paste here.

31. Howlin' Wolf-
The ALL-Star list that made this top 100 felt he was the sexy pick.

30. Prince- Hey Kanye, he did the "fun voice" without using a machine. U too, T-Pain!

29. Nina Simone-
Who?(I know who she is...but I wish I didn't)Let's pretend I don't.

28. Janis Joplin- Music's fun to listen to, but that doesn't make her a great singer.

27. Hank Williams-
They knew if they left him off, they'd have a cold, cold heart.

26. Jackie Wilson- He can flat-out wail. . . He's James Brown without the shouting.

25. Michael Jackson-
I'd rather not say too much here. I own his greatest hits. What?

"Singing "hallelujah" everywhere does not prove piety" -African Proverb

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