Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Geo-Politics is Hard!

I was noticing this morning on my facebook account that an alarming number of my friends have decided the frigid unfriendliness of Canada looks quite inviting to them now that a progressive president has been elected in the United States.

Remember Three Things:

1. We'll miss you.

2. Take a parka, it's cold.

3. Canada makes California look like a Jerry Falwell-sponsored Tent Revival.

That's just a heads up those who wrote things like "I'm now officially moving to Canada" or "Let's make a run to Canada with our 401k still intact."

So, while you're up there don't forget to write and we'll send you money for a box of Cubans from time to time.

It won't be so bad....just don't eat the yellow snow.

**here's a map to help you find your frozen greener pastures**

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