Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A drop in the bucket

By Taft Ayers

How do you make a difference?

I am currently in Honduras and I will be back at my home (for a minute) on the 10th, Lord willing. At this moment, I am sitting at a small desk, on the second floor of an old building outside of Tegucigalpa.

I am waiting to go to the jail. We have been there in the past to visit people and to be the hands and feet of our commission in Matthew 25.This time is different. I am going to the jail to attempt and persuade the government to release two of our friends who are missionaries and are in prison.


Because they are a married couple who live here and want to make a difference. Some folks here don't like how pro-active they are for the sake of Christ. I don't mean that they are being obtrusive and getting thrown in jail for it (even though it seemed to work in the book of Acts, but I digress). This couple bought some land to serve as a benevolent center and the officials here are complaining over the authenticity of the paperwork.

It humbles me. I know that God is good. I trust and pray that they will be released. As I sit here and the rain comes down on this old roof (which is holding up, praise be!) I am forced to wrestle with my thoughts.

How are we impacting people? How are we making a REAL difference? Would getting thrown in jail stop us? I hope when I get home to live in a manner where if the government tried to outlaw faith and stop our cause by arresting faithful Christians, there would be enough evidence to convict me.

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Tiffany said...

Thanks for this thougtful post. I will definitely be praying for your friends' release. I am continually amazed and humbled by those who go to such lengths and face such opposition in order to share the love of Christ.