Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Porch Cast

Many of you may know that I am editor/contributor of the "An American Front Porch" blog. My brother Nathan started it as his sounding board for the various and sundry topics that draw his interest. A came on board as a contributor to the site a year and a half ago, and boy has it grown since. We've had our share of growing pains, but the staff is in order, and it is something Nathan and I enjoy immensely; so much so that we decided a few months ago to bring that enjoyment to the pod-waves.

Tonight we are recording our third podcast, which we lovingly call "The PorchCast". We discuss a wide range of subjects including cigars, college football, movies, music, and whatever else comes to us during the show. However, we do not discuss politics because, honestly, we need a break from it and the subject (on any and every level) is far too divisive for our taste.

You can subscribe to us on iTunes, or listen to the show here on The Bunkhouse weekly or The Porch. We're still a little rough around the edges being new at this and all, but we'd love for you to stop by for a while and pontificate life with us.

Hope to see y'all soon on The Porch, and enjoy PorchCast #2 if you feel so inclined. It runs a little long, but the shows from now on will be 60 minutes or less and politic-free!

In this episode, Nate & Cam tackle free speech's last stand in The Western World, the 2008 Tennessee Volunteers Football preview, and the fledgling CRA (Cigar Rights of America). They also review the Oliva Serie V Double Toro cigar.


J. Canterbury said...

When does PorchCast #3 become available to the huddled masses yearning to breathe second-hand cigar smoke?

Cameron Clark said...

late this afternoon around 5:30. As soon as we're done editing, you'll have it!