Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Love is spelled T-I-M-E

By Taft Ayers

Who receives the most of your attention? How often do you express the fact that you are proud of someone or appreciative for their diligence?

Have you ever given someone a compliment "out of nowhere" and then gaged their reaction?

The average child who remains faithful in the Church can point to a handful of adults who they developed relationships with through fellowship.Think about those that are younger than us. What kind of example are we for them? Who do we lead to Christ by our actions?

They are watching. The Little Ones. Children who are less spiritually mature.

The truth is that we spend so much time thinking about pleasing those that write our paychecks. Those with more authority and power seem to be the ones that get all of our attention.But what about the One with all Authority and Power?

The Creator that we are supposed to please in everything that we do told us to treat others as individual souls. We need to begin to look around us and see others that need our relationships.

There is someone right now who needs you to get up from your seat, give them a call, go see them, give them some of you. Let them know that your world would not be complete with them absent. Tell people you appreciate them.

Some will look at you strangely. Some will wonder if you are OK. None will question your love for them. God created time. Jesus valued time. We need to take some.


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