Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Morning Music Choices

It's been an interesting couple of days with trips back and forth to Topeka and a house full of sick people as the personal highlights of the weekend.

As for Mondays, I have found itunes increasingly difficult to navigate, simply because most of the "Top Songs" would generously be categorized as garbage.

However, here's what I found during this morning's misadventure:

1. Jump Around- House of Pain- It's a good classic that takes me back to the days of Swamp 10 & 11 while playing basketball with Taft and Phil.

2. The Humpty Dance- Digital Underground-
What 12 year old kid didn't love this song? You know you went to the skate center and requested this song to the DJ. You know you did. Don't lie.

3. Superstar- Cypress Hill-
I had it on my "running tape" when I was in college. My pace always picked up a couple of notches when it came on.

4. Santeria- Sublime- It's a great song, which has a message that does not match the melody.

5. Maggie May- Rod Stewart- A little change up for you before I go. Classic rock never hurt nobody.

Have a great Monday!


Bob, Sarah, and Miriam Logsdon said...

Aww. your first two picks brought back memories. I had NO idea what the Humpty Dance meant, but did I listen to it...yep. I ate it up. Jump Around...remind me does it have a line that says, "I came to win, I don't mean that's a sin." I'll have to look that up. What a great rhyme. ;) Bob

Bob, Sarah, and Miriam Logsdon said...

The correct line for anyone that is remotely interested is "I came to win, Battle me that's a sin." That's a way more impressive line than the one that I put done. Grace and peace.

Donald TAFT Ayers said...

All right!

Stop whatcha doin'

'cause I'm about to ruin

the image and the style that ya used to.

I look funny

but yo I'm makin' money see

so yo world I hope you're ready for me.

Now gather round

I'm the new fool in town

and my sound's laid down by the Underground.

Priceless. Music has been on the steady decline since.