Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday Morning Music Choices

On my way to school during the mornings of my youth, my parents would leave the radio dial on the "Oldies" station. I really liked most of them, and it has been more than a decade since I heard some of my favorites. Like a true iPioneer, I trooped onto iTunes to see which ones I could find to update the library.

1. Stand By Me- Ben E. King-
One of the all-time great ballads. Every last one of the lyrics is powerful and meaningful, and always will be.

2. Magic Carpet Ride- Steppenwolf- Timeless. You could still go to a lot of "hip" clubs and hear this song at some point during the night.

3. Then He Kissed Me- The Crystals- I remember I liked this song a lot from Adventures in Baby Sitting.

"Thor's A Homo."

4. Rhythm of The Rain- The Cascades- One of those heartbreak songs that does a good job of communicating the mindset of the broken-hearted.

5. Little Star- The Elegants- I think the name of the girl in the song is "Horanna" which kind of threw me off as a kid, but it's a great song that is vintage 50's.

Have a great Monday!


Tiffany said...

I have the same association with #3 -- what a great movie! During my mythology class, I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying, "Thor's a homo" every time his name came up in the discussion. Aahhh...80s movies...

Donald TAFT Ayers said...

The fella on the far right looks like the TIM TEBOW.

Cameron Clark said...

I think someone has a "man crush."

Donald TAFT Ayers said...

Crushes are usually in secret...I am full-blown (pun intended) public about my admiration.