Friday, January 4, 2008

Don't Call It A Comeback...

The yearly holiday family circuit, travel time, and recover time has made blogging a low priority for me the last couple of weeks. I apologize for at least not giving you the obligatory "out of the office" post. Not to worry, your mildly entertaining and pseudo-intellectual author shall begin writing on schedule again starting Monday. Until then, I leave you with these thoughts...

1. The national media is acting as if the Obama and Huckabee wins were unexpected and have catapulted the former dark horses into the front runner spotlight.

This isn't news to The Bunkhouse, as we've been saying that for quite some time. Those early predictions should not serve as proof that the political analysis here is on par with the professionals, because it's's better. However, that fact should not serve as proving this author smarter than anyone else, it just proves that politics isn't rocket science and that the national media is easily manipulated by the dollar signs and their own coverage.

2. Weren't the BCS Bowl games boring? Good grief.

3. My daughter likes to dance...a lot. She doesn't need prayers for her soul or an exorcism of the dancing demon that dwells within her, as it's developmentally appropriate, but strangely enough it's not something she learned for her parents.

Her "dancing" is just swinging her hips to any song (including the hymns we sing at church) in such a fashion that it looks like a "booty dance" that would get her kicked out of the Crieve Hall Church of Christ Sunday School class (there's a story there, thus the reason I would ever say such a thing).

Anyway, you be the judge...

Have a great weekend!

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