Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Super Tuesday Observations

There's just a bunch of things I am noticing or just flat excited about, and I thought I'd take some time to talk about them here today.

1. I typically gain 5 pounds when I'm in Nashville, but I've been able to run everyday and have had a very healthy diet since being here this time around. Because of my parent's love for all things food, when I'm in diet and health mode, 5009 Stillwood Drive is like my own personal temptation palace. I have a very strong will, and had avoided all the perils of the great tasting foods.....until this morning.

As I walked to the kitchen around 6 am, I could almost sense the temptation lurking somewhere nearby. When I went to the refrigerator to look for some low fat milk for my cereal, I noticed a piece of a familiar plastic bag that had been caught just outside of the freezer door.

When I opened the freezer I could have heard angels sing as two, yes two, quarts of Maggie Moo's ice cream stared back at me like the golden mask in Indiana Jones. The powder blue stain just below the lid of the containers told me that my favorite, Cotton Candy w/Gummy Bears, was calling me from beneath the top of the pink and white container.

It's almost gone now, and I'll need to run an extra couple of miles today to avoid turning into "Chris Brander."

2. Ainsley was messing with the remote control before her nap today and she ended up landing on "The Price is Right." I cannot recall a show that is more obnoxious and riddled with stupid people than PIR, as I remember it so well from the days I was sick at home during middle school and high school. But, wait! There was a surprise for me who was awaiting the dulcet tones of Bob Barker to invade my eardrum when I heard......Drew Carey!?!

I am woefully unaware of my game show host news, but Drew Carey taking over for Mr. Control the Pet Population was interesting to me. Why? Because Bob Barker was the world's largest talking phallus, and Drew Carey is actually funny.

Old Drew was pretty much making fun of the contestants and the games, which made it worth watching to me for a little while. It's the same cretinous group of overweight imbeciles that run full speed down a narrow isle while screaming and jumping with something ridiculous written on their shirt.

If you ever want to be one of them, and wish to make it to the big stage, just remember this: When in doubt, bid $1.

3. Ainsley has more than double the vocabulary of an average 18th month old, at nearly 27 identifiable and specific words she uses appropriately.

She has also been singing a song about a baby the last three days, which I think is Colby Callait's "Capri," which says baby at least two dozen times in the song.

I'll get some video for you soon.

4. Columbus, Ohio was great and they really want Liz there. It is a distinct possibility that I will be "Yankified" for several years as the Buckeye State Capital is our new #1 match choice. I still like Wake Forest, but Ohio State is pretty well going to give Liz the keys to the kingdom, and I want her to be happy and fulfilled while doing this incredibly difficult job.

Jeff Darby, the man who married us, lives in Columbus with his beautiful family, so we feel as if we could really get plugged-in to the church very quickly there and feel at home.

5. Dr. Elrod's Lame-O Weblog is a great page, but the reader population is starting to get pretty annoying. There are a bunch of pseudo-intellectual, pretentious dorks who roam the message boards looking to "beat down" any point with which they disagree, even if the comment is tongue and cheek.

Liberals are so much more fun when they don't take themselves seriously, just like "Dubya."

Have a great Tuesday!


James Canterbury said...

4. That is awesome! It would be great to be able to catch a game with you at the 'Shoe if the Lord directs you guys this way!

Congrats on the possibilities!

Junior said...

I am really excited about some cotton candy with gummy bears this weekend. Amber reminded me last night that there are Maggie Moo's in Nashville and it made me even more anxious to get to Nashville.