Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Upcoming Events

Oct. 13th- Auburn at Arkansas. We might meet the Juniors in Fayetteville for the game.

Also, there is a 10 year reunion in Nashville for the group that was really close at Crieve Hall during our high school and early college days. There's some people I really wanted to see there, and I hate that I'm missing it.

Oct. 15th- Trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma and Tahlequah to register Ainlsey as a member of the Cherokee Nation. She is 3/16, and we want to make sure our little blonde, blue-eyed girl gets her Native American name from the tribal eldership. Liz's name, "Dancing Cloud." No joke. I'll keep you posted.

Oct. 17th- Liz goes to Augusta, Georgia for an interview with their neurology program. Hey, at least it's in The South, and Jordan and Alan would have a place to stay during the Masters.

Oct . 20th- Auburn at LSU. Cameron will find other things to do during the game.

Oct. 21st- Back to Nashville for the interviews at Vanderbilt, UAB, Ohio State, and Louisville.

Nov. 9th-11th- Dave in Nashville for a guys get together and reunion. So we've got that going for us, which is nice.


Tiffany said...

(I'm going to try this one more time -- only half of my message is posting and it's coming up garbled.)

Let me know how Ainsley's registration goes! I've been working trying to get my own tribal registration in recent years, but my grandfather's tribe (Blackfoot) is a very, very small nation and the registration procedure is kind of erratic.

Enjoy your upcoming busy-ness -- it sounds exhausting but exciting. And please do give a call when/if you all are headed to Jacksonville. Liz is in my prayers as she goes through the interview process...

Alan Gable said...

The 17th is the day of days!

Good luck to the Hurricane this week.