Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ainsley Elizabeth

Many of you have asked for more updates and pictures of Ainsley. I'll start doing that on a more regular basis now.

This past month has seen Ainsley go from crawling and walking to running and climbing. She is a very curious little girl, as she's into everything.

Her vocabulary is actually quite large for a 17 month old (20 words or so), but that's because of her love for reading and singing. Ainsley tries to repeat a lot of words, and is learning more every day. We feel very blessed to know she picks up on things quickly, which she obviously gets from her mama.

Her favorite singing song is "Who Made The Earth So Big and Round" and she does most of the hand motions. She really likes to listen to choral pieces though, which between her mama and daddy's collection, she's pretty well schooled for a toddler.

Her favorite choral selection seems to go back and forth between the "Edonna Immobile" by Verdi and "Hark I Hear" by my old high school chorus. She has me replay those on itunes most of the day.

I'll narrate the pictures below if you care to take a look.

I'm reading her favorite book, "Little Green Mo'o" that we got for her in Hawaii. The book rhymes, and she sort of has the cadence down when she repeats it. Except instead of "mo'o" it's "uh-oh," which she walks around all day saying.

She has figured out how to turn on my computer so she can get to the music.

She is such a happy little girl, and always has been. It is such a major blessing because of what was going on while Liz was pregnant with her. We were really worried about her disposition, but God gave her a merry soul. I would like to see a child who laughs and smiles as much as she does, because that child would also be a pure joy to be around, just like our little one.

She is actually asking me to take her picture her by pointing to the camera and smiling really big like she's posing.

This is her in my office. She got into some of my old research papers, which she "fed" to the couch. You can see a few not fully digested peering out behind her.

This is a few months ago when we let her start to feed herself. Every parent has these pictures of their child, but I have seen very few where the kid was so happy about smearing food all over their face.

She'll point out every bright light she encounters. "Ligh!" She'll exclaim.

We could not be happier in our present circumstance, and are hoping Ainsley gets to become a Southern girl as Liz goes through the match process again.

Personally, I'm rooting for Winston-Salem, NC (because it's wonderful) and I think Liz likes UAB (as a program) a little more, but we aren't big Birmingham fans.

Please pray for us in another year of transition for our family coming quickly with the new one and the move.

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Tiffany said...

Go for Wake -- it's looking like we'll end up back in NC as of next summer, as well. We'd love to have across-the-state neighbors! Plus, you'd have a place to stay when you wanted a weekend at the beach. (Not that we'd be ON the beach, but our town will be.)