Thursday, October 11, 2007

Riverboat Gambling

Dr. Elrod does this over on the Lame-O Weblog, and I really enjoy it. He might be somewhat prohibited from making predictions himself due to contractual or "religious" constraints Harding might have (but that's just speculation).

Since Nate and I have been doing "Porch Prognostications," I think this is a good way of combining them both.

It should be noted that it is inadvisable to take any prognostications and bet money on them. Las Vegas makes nearly $3.5 billion a year in profits from sports betting. The lines are made by some serious people, but they're not always right.

Furthermore, I am not condoning gambling, as I myself have not bet money on anything since middle school (and won), but I will not ever do it again.

Here are this week's SEC Run Down of lines and TV Schedules:
  • Alabama at Ole Miss (+6 1/2) (11:30 a.m. CT / LFS)
  • (#22) Auburn at Arkansas (-3) (6:45 p.m. CT / ESPN)
  • (#24) Georgia at Vanderbilt (+7) (5 p.m. CT / ESPN2)
  • (#1) LSU at (#17) Kentucky (+10) (3:30 p.m. ET / CBS)
  • (#25) Tennessee at Mississippi State (+7) (TBA)
  • (#7) South Carolina at North Carolina (+7) (3:30 p.m. ET / ABC)
  • OPEN: (#13) Florida
I like a beat up Florida against the open date, but the rest of the lines seem pretty shaky to me.

This has been a statistical outlier of a football season so far, and I think Vegas may have some problems here.

-I don't think Bama or the Rebels are "resurrected" just yet, and the line is the biggest trap of all. I'll take Ole Miss to cover. Bama wins, 20-14.

-Auburn is ranked again, and giving 3 to the Razorbacks? I think Arkansas gets welcomed back to Division I Football for the first time in three weeks. Auburn in an "upset" 31-17.

-I know the crowd is pretty rowdy over at Dudley Field in Nashville, but I think the Dawgs can handle it. Dawgs cover 34-7.

-LSU is the walking wounded after the Florida game. I actually like this line. Wildcats cover in the loss 30-24.

-Even with the help of former Vol QB, Casey Claussen, the Bulldogs won't win or cover at home. Tennessee....BIG. 45-14.

-Butch Davis, blah, blah, blah. How 'bout the ole ball coach!?! Gamecocks cover, 41-17.

Anyone else care to share their forecasts?

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