Thursday, October 18, 2007

Riverboat Gambling

I've got a bunch of stuff that has been on my heart and mind that has literally kept me up at night lately. I'm not gonna touch on that today, but I'll be hitting some subjects pretty hard tomorrow and early next week. If you're interested, I'd love to hear your feedback when the time comes.

Until then, here's your weekly schedule for debauchery and sinning via the disease of gambling.
  • (#21) Tennessee at Alabama (-1) (11:30 a.m. CT / LFS)
  • Arkansas at Ole Miss (+5) (1 p.m. CT)
  • (#17) Auburn at (#4) LSU (-11) (8 p.m. CT / ESPN)
  • (#15) Florida at (#7) Kentucky (+7) (3:30 p.m. ET / CBS)
  • Mississippi State at (#9) West Virginia (-23 1/2) (2:30 p.m. CT / ESPN-Regional-Big East)
  • Vanderbilt at (#6) South Carolina (-13) (12:30 p.m. ET)
Another weird week of lines. The Vegas bookies don't seem to be paying attention.

-Why in the world is Bama favored in this game? No defense vs. No offense. It's a battle of who wants it less. Tennessee makes a statement in Tuscaloosa, 34-24 Vols.

-Ole Miss doesn't have Auburn's run defense, and Ole Miss will turn the ball over....a lot. Razorbacks to cover, 38-13.

-LSU is beat to a pulp from the last couple of weeks. They might be hacked off from the loss, but it was emotional and draining. Auburn doesn't have the offense to pull off the win in the Bayou, but they'll cover. LSU wins 21-17.

-Florida has had a bye week to stew on their second straight loss. I don't think Urban will go for three in a row, and I don't think it'll be close. Gators roll 42-20.

-West Virginia has the kind of offense that will drive the Bulldogs crazy all day. I think the Mountaineers cover, and Al Sharpton will accuse Rich Rodriguez of racist tendencies because of the blowout. WVU 66-7.

-Vanderbilt is interesting this year, and I think they match up well against the Gamecocks. It's just a silly gut feeling, but the East will get back into kilter a little bit with an upset. Commodores! My oh, my! Pull it out in Columbia, 27-24.

-Ok, I'm just going to stay in the SEC with the picks. I'm not too good out of conference.

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