Monday, January 25, 2010

Useless Fridays (Vol. 3)

Ever felt like a complete waste on Fridays?

You sit down at your desk, check email for a little while (two hours), head to a quick lunch (with stops for coffee and dessert) and then get back to do some real work for the afternoon (Solitaire, WOW, online poker) and then face the weekend when it's time to go home?

If that describes you, then we CELEBRATE you and your dedication. Let's face it, you perform slave labor Monday through Thursday, Friday should be your day.

So, while you are doing mindless things and "pointless" hours are spent in your chair so that you can say you "didn't take Friday off"'s some useless information to keep you hard at work. Enjoy.

*EDITORS NOTE: We were so useless on Friday, that we didn't even get this done. Thus, the Monday publish date.


-M & M's stands for the last names of Forrest Mars Sr., the sweet maker, and his associate, Bruce Murrie. The candy was developed so soldiers could eat sweets without getting their fingers sticky.

-There are more brown M & M's in plain M & M's than in peanut M & M's.

-The top layer of a wedding cake, known as the groom's cake, is usually a fruit cake so it will last until the couple's first anniversary, when they will eat it.

-As much as fifty gallons of maple sap are used to make a single gallon of maple sugar.

-There are more doughnut shops per capita in Canada than in any other country.

-Pound cake is so called because the original recipe required one pound of butter.

-The only food that does not spoil is honey. It is used as a center for golf balls and in antifreeze mixtures.

-When honey is swallowed, it enters the blood stream within a period of twenty minutes.

-The most popular ice cream flavor is vanilla.

-Ice cream was originally made without sugar and eggs. Seaweed is one of the ingredients in some ice cream.

-Five jelly flavors that flopped: celery, coffee, cola, apple, and chocolate.

-Less than three percent of Nestle's sales are for chocolate.

-Eleanor Roosevelt ate three chocolate-covered garlic balls every day for most of her adult life.

-Eating chocolate was once considered a temptation of the devil.


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