Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crazy Love

I picked up a 175 page read (I loved the length) that was written by Francis Chan in 2008.

Crazy Love was one of those books that I have heard a large amount of “hype” about. When I first picked up my copy, I had already heard some great reviews and glowing praise for this book. All the hype definitely played a part in my decision to borrow the book and read it. Aside from this initial praise for the book, I knew a little about Chan himself. I had heard some stellar stories about his leadership and some of the things that his church is involved in. So, right from the start I had high expectations for the content and what I would glean from Chan's writing.

The first few chapters deal primarily with the greatness of God. Chan doesn’t make any assumptions about what the basic reader knows of God. Right from the start, you go back to the beginning of it all - creation. Chan starts by painting several pictures for the reader of God's greatness seen in creation. From here, he spends a few chapters adding to this case that God is greater than anyone or anything ever.

Once this foundation is laid, Chan then starts the challenges. He spends the rest of the book challenging the reader to be more like Christ, to take God at His word and to live out what Christ calls us to live. While reading, there were moments I found myself rereading sentences just to make sure I was grasping what was being written. There were other sentences that grabbed my attention and caused me to stop and think. Sentences like, "Having faith often means doing what others see as crazy. Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers." and this quote from Tim Kizziar, "Our greatest fear as individuals and as a church should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter."

Crazy Love is a good book and it's definitely worth a read. Is it a book for you, though? I believe the best audience to read this book would be those Christians who are complacent with their faith. If you or someone you know is struggling, lukewarm or stagnant then this is a great book to read and let soak in.

God's love for you is crazy. His love for me is crazy. At the least, you will walk away from this book with that understanding. But my fear, and I think Chan's fear as well, is that you can walk away from that understanding and do absolutely nothing to change your life. Do not allow yourself that option, act on what you are challenged to change.

Your life will be better for reading this book.

Just sayin'.

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