Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Traditions

I'm the kind of guy who digs traditions. Whether that be turkey on Thanksgiving Day or fireworks on the fourth of July, these are traditions I can really get behind and enjoy. However, traditions enjoyed by the masses tend to become impersonal and nothing quite tops coming up with your own tradition.

Usually family traditions or personal traditions are born out of sheer happenstance, while others are behaviors that occur so often they simply warrant the label of "tradition." Here are a few of my own traditions that have begun in the last year or I have the full intention of starting within the next few months.

1. Ainsley Daddy Day- When Ainsley turns 3 next month, we're going to Cracker Barrel every Wednesday morning. It'll be a good time with just the two of us.

Once Abby gets old enough, I'll have a whole other morning shaped around taking her to breakfast at another restaurant.

2. Super Thursdays with JB
- As Jared B. Gable is about to move to Little Rock within the week, this little tradition will sadly come to an abrupt end with the season finale of 30 Rock.

Typically we have long conversations before and after the show is over, but this has grown more rare recently because of Jared's approaching departure.

My youngest daughter's former middle namesake is after JB (Bentley), so the tradition does have a lasting effect.

3. Residency Sucks Day- This one has hatched out of unfortunate necessity, as Liz has been on-call almost every birthday and major holiday since beginning her residency three years ago. On Residency Sucks Day, we celebrate the event on the day before or day after the event is actually scheduled to take place.

It's the worst tradition we have and I look forward to the day we get rid of this one entirely.

4. Topless Saturdays- This is not at all what it sounds like.

This a tradition that started two Saturdays ago when Nathan McIntyre and I went driving around in the new Mustang Convertible for three hours.

Cigars, coffee, music, and a convertible make for amazing conversation. Liz and I rode around last Saturday; and I have every intention of being out and about every clear Saturday April 1-Oct 1 every year that I'm on this's going to be epic!

5. Tent Tuesdays- This is by far one of my favorite traditions, but it only happens during the football season.

Tuesdays are game days for our middle school team. So, it's a day where the girls go to "mother's (father's) day out" at church and I sit under the tent on the back porch game-planning all day.

More than just game-planning and football...I get SOOOOOO much done on those days. I'm looking forward to those starting back up again soon!

Here's hoping your traditions are family-strengthening and life-enhancing.

Have a great Wednesday!