Monday, January 19, 2009

Top 100 Vocalists (59-40)

In response to the collective opinion that Rolling Stone's rankings of top vocalists was pretty lame, we here at the Bunkhouse decided to put together our own top 100 list.

How we did it: 12 people were asked to rank their 20 favorite/top vocalists of all time. The people selecting this list work in a wide range of professional fields: Historic home curating, English professors, youth ministers, family counselors, physicians, lawyers, accountants, stay at home dads, and football coaches.

The lists were compiled and rankings were averaged into this outstanding selection of top vocalists.

Vocalists #59-40
--The Middle Relief

As with any list compiled by human beings, the opinions shown operate like carbon dating. It has been accurately pointed out that the first 40 artists on the countdown have an overall "late gen-X vibe," but is a pretty inclusive list. The next 40 artists are much the same, but this countdown is anything but predictable.

59. Robbie Williams
- He's a lot bigger in Europe and Asia than America. He still tours constantly, and I think you'd be surprised at how many of his songs you know if you listen to them on itunes. He's definitely a "pop" genre guy though.

58. Don Everly
- Everly Brothers- 26 "Billboard Top Forty" and 35 "Billboard Top One Hundred" songs speak for itself.

57. Ray Charles- As dynamic and soulful a voice as there has ever been.

56. Randy Owen- Alabama- They had 41 singles reach No.1 on the charts during their thirteen year hay-day. It can be said about his voice, "It was country enough to rock."

55. Jackie Wilson- A lasting impression was made on the world when his music moved and grooved the Statue of Liberty down Broadway in Ghostbusters II. What a range Jackie had though!

54. Gladys Knight
- Before the critics start in, please name (without the aid of a web browser) 5 songs of hers that were not unoriginal covers of another artist. She had a great voice, but The Pips made her what she was.

53. Steven Tyler
- Aerosmith- His voice was a lot more powerful when he was younger. Over the years and partying, he's stripped it to a shell of what it was. As a long as you don't have to hear this guy give an interview, he's probably right where he should be on the countdown.

52. Peter Gabriel
- There is an original voice for you. "Your Eyes" + John Cusack= Pete's Hallmark.

51. Carrie Underwood- She's so good I forget she's from the same show as Reuben Studdard and Kelly Clarkson.

50. Prince
- Some people just wrote-off the whole countdown because he's so low. I was disappointed he made it at all. He's an extreme vocalists with an extreme following. Total preference.

49. Reba McIntyre
- Country sound, country acent, BIG TIME voice.

48. Don Henly- Eagles- Classic rock needed it's classic voice to define it....there he is.

47. John Mellencamp
- Blue Collar sound, from blue collar back ground. Songs were as original as his voice when he came out. One of the few Bob Dylan-like artists that is actually listenable.

46. Brad Paisley
- The country fans took over the countdown for a bit. He's talented. He's got range, depth, and can tackle different genres. He knows where his base is and he's smart enough not to deviate from that. But he could if he wanted.

45. Peter Cetera- Chicago- The big voice of the group that defined the 80's needs to be on this countdown. I think his womanish vocals kept him from being higher on the list.

44. Jack Black- Tenacious D- Though the songs he wrote/recorded are strange and off-color, his voice is anything but. He has better pitch, range, and control than most of the artists on the countdown, but he's more of an entertainer than vocalist. If he focused more on his music career than his acting, he'd be higher on the list....but he's going where the money is.

43. Eric Clapton- Better song writer and guitarist than singer....he's like a multi-talented talented Ray Charles.

42. Travis Tritt
- One genre guy with some great songs. He picked his tunes perfectly for his sound.

41. Aretha Franklin
- Can't argue with her success or personality...but here's some musical blasphemy for you...Church Choirs need singers too. That's what I feel like when I hear her voice....or watch any American Idol episode. It's a great, dime a dozen set of pipes.

40. Van Morrison- Timeless. Started in the 60's and still kickin' out good tunes

We'll be back on Wednesday counting down 39-20.


Taft said...

Okay...let's review the top five for this portion of the countdown:

40. Van Morrison- great singer, makes sense.

39. Aretha Franklin- awesome singer, way too low on the list.

38. Travis Tritt- perfect, makes me feel like less of a man every time I listen to him, just like George Jones, and THAT makes a great country song.

37. Eric Clapton- I get it. He makes since.

36. Jack "you've got to be kidding me" Black. I think HE'S pretty stinkin funny as an actor. I think IT'S pretty stinkin funny he's on this list at all.

Taft said...

I take back everything I said about Aretha being too high on this list after that wretched hat she had on today.

Taft said...

Correction...I meant to say "too low on the list.."

ilovekelly75 said...

Kelly Clarkson is an amazing singer. She should be on this list, probably in the top ten. Carrie Underwood is good, but even Simon Cowell says Kelly's on the same level as Celine and Mariah, and that she's the best singer ever on American Idol.