Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For Us or Against Us?

By Cameron Clark and Taft Ayers

How will your life be defined when it's all over?

Your benevolent work? Your kind heart? Your boat-load of friends? Your convictions?

Will people remember you for what you stood against, or what you stood for?

Which of the previously mentioned things outweigh the other? Have you spent the majority of your life in opposition or promotion?

There is a large difference between the two philosophies. They promote two polar qualities of life.

It isn't just a simple syllogism.

You see, being FOR something doesn't automatically make you AGAINST its opposite...not all of the time.

It is understood that Matthew 12.30, Luke 11.23, Mark 3.23-29 and Mark 9.40 all denote the idea that we are either with Christ or not. FOR HIM OR AGAINST HIM.

The sad truth is that way too many people spend their time being "against things."

It ruins our daily life. Let's spend our time focusing on what we are "for"...

For instance (and don't lose focus here)...I know many college football fanatics who spend their time throwing mud at other programs...how miserable would it be to be a college football fan and not revel in my teams success? Does one's allegiance to that program mean that they have to demonize the fanhood of other teams?

How will we approach this world?

Does our mantle of Christ demand that we are against the secular rights of others?

Let's spend our days promoting the cause of Christ.

Our world will change when we realize the edification and glory that are products of convincing other's to live for Him without demolishing and banishing them by letting them know that we "morally outweigh them."

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