Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Morning Music Choices

I like waking up early in the morning. It's the most peaceful time of the day. I have really fallen in love with my sunrise ritual at our new house.

The sun comes up over the woods in our backyard, spreading an orange-ish sun-kissed light over our deck. Around 5:45 I go out to meet the sun rise with Abby, my Bible, the morning newspaper, and a cup of coffee. The coolness of the early morning is something to be savored, especially in the hotness of late summer.

I am at my leisure to read through some scriptures, reflect, pray, and just be. How blessed we are to have a place like this. To be in a town with friends and family. To have the opportunities coaching, doctoring, and finally growing our roots as a family. The latter is truly sweet as we have been wondering in the northern wilderness these last two years. The kind of peace and excitement I feel upon waking up is a truly spiritual experience.

On this Monday morning, I thought I'd check out the music already on my ipod and give you my top 5 favorite songs of the moments....or "what I've been listening to lately."

They are of no particular genre, artist, tempo, or even order. Just the ones I like the most right now.

5. Ants Marching- Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds- from the Live and Luther College album. One of my favorite live tunes of all-time. Fun and upbeat song. As for the live two versions are the same.

Best Line: "We look at each other, wondering what the other is thinking. But we never say a thing, and these crimes between us grow deeper."

4. Tangerine- Led Zeppelin- Classic tune. It doesn't say much, just a cool song from what used to be THE BAND.

Best line: "living in reflections from a dream. I was her love, she was my queen. And now a thousand years between."

3. Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd- Anyone who has ever missed someone....soothing for the soul.

Best line: "Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?...Cold comfort for change?"

2. American Girls- Counting Crows- The "kings of European live" get their pick of the American groupies after this show when they play this song. They'd be cooler in America if they didn't spend so much time overseas.

Best Line: "American girls are peaches and cream, coming to bed so eatable."

1. Running on Faith- Eric Clapton- This is a phenomenal song! Bluesy and yet full of hope.

Best line: "Lately I've been running on faith. What else can a poor boy do? But my world will be right when love comes over you." It's the intro line, but like most classic blues tunes, the opener is the one that smacks you in the face.

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