Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Morning Music Choices

It's a look back at a transitional and tumultuous Junior year of college. The "most memorable", not necessarily "favorite" songs of 2000-2001.

1. Absolutely (Story of a Girl)- Nine Days- Every guy who had a crush on the "ungettable" girl loved this song. Not me, of course, but the....well, they know who they are.

2. My Love is Your Love- Whitney Houston- Just a good song. It's seems like it was on everywhere, whether it be the regular version or the techno triple time tempo version in some Little Rock restaurant. pppppllllllbbbbtttt. I forgot about it until today.

3. Country Grammar- Nelly- Steve Mezzapelle sold me this album in Hastings one afternoon. He said I wouldn't be disappointed. As a Junior in college.....I wasn't.

4. E.I.- Nelly- See #3, and I still don't understand what this song is talking about.

5. I'm Like A Bird- Nelly Furtado- See #2, but I liked this song a lot more. I think Ms. Furtado was the Profaddin Suite's "woman of the year".

Those are my semi-interesting and totally disturbing songs that bring me back to yesteryear...2000-2001. Here's hoping you find some songs that make you equally nostalgic and uncomfortable as well!

Have a great Monday!