Tuesday, May 13, 2008


By Taft Ayers

Lord willing, I am taking a trip next week (the 20th-23rd) with a few fellas that I have been blessed to work with since they were in the 7th grade.

They are part of our 2008 graduating class here at the church. I am taking them on a trip. They voted, and Chicago it is.

I am traveling with three distinct personalities (Nate, the clown. Bud, the rocker. Matt, the jock). It should make for a stellar adventure.

We have tentative plans to catch the White Sox-Indians and go to a Stone Temple Pilots concert (they actually LIKE them). I write this post today asking for suggestions. If any of you have been to Chicago (my last trip was in 7th grade) and know of something that fits in the sentence, "When you are there, you JUST HAVE TO ..........." PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT.

I really want this trip to be enjoyable for them. We've had a good run.


Tiffany said...

Last time I was in Chicago, I went to a Cubs game and my husband and I ended up in the Chicago Bud Anthem commercial. I am pretty sure that HU will revoke my diploma if they ever see it aired -- though for the record, I was NOT holding a beer in my shot!

All of that to say, I'd make the very unoriginal suggestion of a Cubs game (and be sure to sit in the bleachers) but I guess you've got the baseball route thing covered with the White Sox so...um...I guess I have nothing further to add.

Alan Gable said...

I hear Coach Ditka's place is nice!
Da Steaks