Thursday, April 10, 2008

If there were an "I" in "Team"...

By Alan Gable

With the draft of drafts rapidly approaching, I'm wondering what you think is the most important position on the football field. And why?

My answer is defensive end. No other position can wreak as much havoc on the gameplan of your opponent. An elite pass rushing end can force the entire offensive line to shift their focus. He can force the quarterback into mental mistakes and rushed throws by the mere threat of his existance. His play can cause a lesser team to win against a much more solid and talented foe. See 2007 NY Giants.

What say you to this inconsequential yet worthy question?

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Cameron Clark said...

The most important position on defense is defensive tackle. A solid defensive tackle eats space in the middle of the field, essentially blocking the offensive lineman, which in turn frees-up the linebackers to make plays. (See Tony Saragusa and Sam Adams during the Ravens' hay-day)

A great defensive end, like Freeney, Peppers, or Umenyiora, NEED the Corey Simons, Buger McFarlands, Ruckers, Jenkins, and even Fred Robbins' to free up one-on-one blocking on the outside. Pure spatial arrangement and science says you must first protect the center of your line before you worry about your flanks.

The most important position on the field is the quarterback. He manages the game for both teams, and a great quarterback can burn a great defense.

The 2nd most important position on offense is backside tackle. Commonly known as the left tackle, but if you have a left-handed QB, he'll need to play right tackle.

He protects the QB's blind-side in the passing game and paves the way for running game. Watch the Dolphins take Jake Long with the first pick. It's the smartest choice available to them, and it really won't matter who's taking the snaps and running the football until the o-line is addressed, starting from the left and working in.