Monday, March 24, 2008

How Barack Obama is Lining Up for a November Loss

Although it seems Illinois Senator Barack Obama is headed for the Democratic Presidential nomination this summer, the latest and greatest detritus being spewed from the pulpit at the Trinity United Church of Christ will, in all likelihood, cost Obama the Presidency. How might that happen?

The "Independents" so coveted by both major parties this fall are made up of the nation's most ignored political faction, the angry white man. These voters are enraged and alienated every time CNN runs a headline on Obama's church affiliation and their comparisons to the United States government as the Klu Klux Klan or Al-Qaeda. Whenever that happens, a couple thousand independents roll their eyes and commit their time, money, and vote to beating an Obama candidacy.

The TUCC is fond of recording and selling their sermons on DVD, and I would imagine a copy of every sermon available for purchase has been bought and sent to Arlington, Virginia (Home of the Republican National Headquarters) where Georgetown sophomores, functioning as interns, will spend the next four months dissecting every sentence uttered by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. Thereafter, whenever Obama gets traction on any one of his issues, you can expect another incendiary sound bite from the "Right Reverend" making the Democratic nominee play defense. Therefore, without a brokered Democratic Convention and a Clinton nomination, the Presidential Race is already over. However, Obama's problems aren't over there.

The TUCC and those sympathetic to its cause will start likening Senator Obama to Uncle Tom, and should, by some miracle, he end up the nation's 44th President, the White House will be referred to as his "cabin." This in retribution for condemning and distancing himself from Wright and his home congregation.

If I didn't despise every political position Barack Obama holds, I would feel sorry for him. However, that doesn't mean John McCain gets my vote this fall. Maybe I'm starting to have the audacity to hope?

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