Monday, February 18, 2008

Misuse Of The Imagination

By Taft Ayers

"My paycheck was supposed to be more than this!"

"I need a new job."

"I don't know if my kid is ever gonna make the grades that they are capable of."

"Why can't I kick this addiction?"

"Why do they not look at me the same?"

"Why do some of the people that I care about the most always disappoint me?"

"Why do people leave me?"

"Am I a waste of potential?"

"My body used to look a whole lot different!"

"There is no way I am going to throw this away, but will I ever fit in to it again?"

"Why does the car have to break down right now?"

"What is going on with our country?"

"Why are there so many different types of religious bodies?"

"What is truth?"

"Why will the ends not meet?"

Our brains are able to think all of these thoughts in a matter of seconds. We ask ourselves things that we desperately want to know the answers to. We ask people, psychologists, Dr. Phil, the seemingly "all-knowing" Oprah and whoever else will talk to us.

We seek the wisdom of pages from Self Magazine, Mens Health, Sports Illustrated, Better Homes and Gardens and some that we probably shouldn't mention. We look everywhere for answers.

The questions that we really need to ask ourselves are about our prayer life.

If you and I dine together, it is a given that one of us will "offer thanks" for what we have in front of us.

If your name is in the order of worship in your church bulletin, then you may find yourself offering petitions to the Creator in front of several saints gathered together on a Sunday morning..........

.........but let us begin to think as praying people.

I know that if you are anything like me, it does not happen enough. My Momma taught me how to do it when I was little. It was told to me over and over again that, "prayer is what can keep you going when all else is gone." I have always remembered that but have only chosen to practice it at certain moments in my life.

If you ask yourself today when the last time was that you really prayed, really talked to God, the answer may be humbling. Let's communicate with Him as though we need Him. He is more essential than oxygen, and none of us forget to breathe!

If it is worth thinking about, it's worth praying about.


dawgs4life said...

Shoot, fella, I will pray for the grub any time you wanna pay to take me out to eat!

Donald TAFT Ayers said...

I have eaten with you plenty of times...

...and I'm always the default prayer leader (and I always pay!!!)