Thursday, December 13, 2007

We Report, You Decide

I like to do this from time to time.

See if you can tell which headlines are from the infamous fake news journal The Onion, and which are from Fox News Headlines. Without looking at the webpages, leave your guesses by number in the comment box. I'll let you know tomorrow.

1. Guinness forced to recognize bigger record book.

2. Five kids jump deputy at Disney World.

3. Golfer Dies When Cart Plunges off Cliff

4. Trump Quits The Apprentice.

5. Fate of Soul Unknown after mid-baptismal drowning.

6. Porn Star: Cop dropped drug rap for sex.

7. Cops: Man stole 1,300 pieces of underwear.

8. Report: Buttafuoco, Fisher making love nest.

9. Man Accused of Bitting Off Wife's Lip.


Jared Gable said...

I think numbers 4,5 & 8 are the only stories from the onion.

Cameron Clark said...


1,3, & 5 are Onion stories.

The rest are straight from the Fox News archives.