Sunday, November 11, 2007

SEC Weekend Wrap Up

I was pretty sure a weekend like this would happen at some point this season, but I was surprised at how poorly I faired yesterday in SEC play.

Fulmer, Croom, and the Blackout in Athens made sure three of the brothers had bad football days on Saturday, and The Bunkhouse took a total beat down with the predictions. A 2-4 record was just abysmal for the weekend picking the winner (48-13 season) and 1-5 against the spread (15-15).

A weekend like this is a good example to those potential gamblers out there who would have lost their shirt in a gambling weekend full of "locks." Let's see how it happened.

-Bama out-rushed and out-passed Sly Croom's Bulldog's, but two HUGE turnovers were literally the difference in the ball game. J.P. Wilson's pick with 4 second left in the first half was the difference in a 12-3 half time lead for Bama and a 10-9 State advantage after the pass was returned 103 yards for a touchdown.

Coach Saban's rebuilding exercise for next season will include NOT losing games like this, while Sylvester is sure to garner Coach of The Year awards and a contract extension as the Mississippi State Bulldogs go bowling for the first time since 2000.

-Georgia's 45-20 win proved that the Bulldog's have a good and complete team that is going to be good for a while, and showed the world that this Auburn team needs an offense in the worst way. The game is not worth breaking down, Georgia just flat beat the Tigers to a pulp.

Truth be told, not because of this weekend's loss but because of how the A&M question is starting to fester down in Auburn, Tubbs taking a hike to College Station wouldn't be the worst thing to ever happen. Personally, I'd like him to stay, but I think losses like this and big question marks at QB next year, might have "Ears" looking for a rebuilding honeymoon with a new team and less pressure.

Take it easy, Tubbs!

-Although the Razorbacks out-gained the Vols in total yards, the scoreboard was heavily in favor of Fulmer's squad, 34-13, and that's all that matters.

Coach Nutt will likely be looking at Baylor next year to start their rebuilding effort afresh, while Fat Phil may be doing enough to garner yet another contract extension after being on the hot seat in the middle of a sub-par season if they win out.

-If you look at the stat line in the Vandy-Kentucky game, you would think Vandy won the game walking away. BUT, this is Vanderbilt, and the decades and decades of bowlessness leaves a stench that is not easily washed off.

Kentucky edges the 'dores 27-20 in Nashville, and it's starting to look like the Wake Forest game is their only chance at bowl eligibility. The Wildcats square-off against Georgia and Tennessee in their next two games, so their winning ways could be over in 2007.

-Even though the Gators have three losses already, Tim Tebow needs to be in the middle of the Heisman talk, especially after his 7 touchdown performance in Columbia last night.

Tebow posted 304 yards and 2 touchdowns passing, and 120 yards and five touchdowns rushing. Those are video game numbers, folks!

The game itself was at arm's length after the first quarter, so the 51-31 Gator victory isn't worth discussing past that little stat.

-LSU covered the spread in their 58-10 spanking of Louisiana Tech. End of story.

Week 12 Games of Interest: It's a TERRIBLE football weekend!

Watch: Kentucky at Georgia, Ohio State at Michigan

Tevo: Vanderbilt at Tennessee, Texas Tech at Oklahoma

Don't Buy The Hype: Boston College at Clemson

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