Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Morning Music Choices

There's no doubt people love their ipods. Dressing up as one for Halloween is pretty funny and original.

I too, love my ipod, but before we get to the list you're dying to see, I've got a brief rundown for this week.

There's a lot of stuff going down these next five days. It's gonna be busy, and a lot of things about the future depend on the events and decisions of this week.
We are asking for prayers for the whole family. Liz & I, my Mama and Daddy, and our little girl(s).

Wednesday-Friday we will be in St. Louis interviewing at the neurology program there. We are trying to listen everywhere we go to see if God wants us in that place for the next three years.

I know it's a specifically vague request, but please pray for my parents. Decisions are being made that are out of their hands that will determine rather we (our entire family) will be in a less than ideal situation for the next couple of years, or if we can continue living at our current standard. We know we will be fine either way, but the less difficulties the better, right?

Thanks for your continued prayers. Now, we can see what's hoppin' on board my itunes this week.

1. Roll On- The Little Willies- If the soulful voice sounds familiar, don't be alarmed. That's the voice of Norah Jones singing a pretty relaxed tune.

2. Love Me- The Little Willies- Great song reminiscent of Patsy Cline.

3. Bubbly- Colbie Caillat- Another up and comer that has an album out worth buying (which I did). It's one of those fun, rainy day albums. She's kinda in that Anna Nalick genre.

4. Wake Up Call- Maroon 5- I just like it. Don't know why.

5. Blue Oyster Cult- Don't Fear The Reaper- "I gotta have more cowbell." I swear during parts of it, you think you hear Will Ferrell bangin' away.

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